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After An Accident – Should You Represent Yourself?

Should You Represent Yourself?

Sometimes self-representation is okay in a car accident. An 18 wheeler wreck is a very different thing, though. The stakes are bigger. Many other complexities pop up in truck accident cases that don’t present issues in ordinary car accident claims. Why? Because oftentimes, there are larger amounts of damages and more money on the table. Even sophisticated and business-savvy accident victims can’t be expected to pursue their own claims, but our San Antonio 18-wheeler accident lawyers have seen it all before and know how to navigate these challenges. Here are just a few of the unique challenges of litigating an 18 wheeler accident claim. personal Injury Attorneys

High-Dollar Trucking Company Insurance Policies

The federal government requires trucking companies to purchase sizable insurance policies to protect against the inevitable accidents that occur. The insurance company is in business to make money, not help you. Trucking companies purchase high dollar insurance policies from insurance companies, but these policies are not like the policies in relation to what you know of car insurance policies. They are worth about 50 times more money than an insurance policy on a typical passenger car. In other words, insurance companies stand to lose much more money when they pay a claim under a truck insurance policy than in comparison to paying a claim for a passenger vehicle accident. Since insurance policies for 18-wheelers involve huge sums of money, the insurance company’s main focus is to keep from paying you adequately so it can retain as much profit as possible. Experienced Trucking Accident Insurance Adjusters

Thus, they are willing to spend much more money and resources defending against paying these claims in court. They will bring to bear their very finest insurance adjusters. Anyone who has ever been involved in a car accident knows what adjusters do. They do all they can to deny your claim or offer you as little money as possible in compensation for your injuries. However, elite adjusters that handle the more expensive truck accident claims do it on a much larger and aggressive scale. They got to where they are by developing a reputation for being tough on accident victims. They intend to be tough on your claim too.

They have aggressive tactics. They will call accident victims repeatedly to ask them questions about the wreck, to discuss what seems like irrelevant details and to just “touch base.” Though their questions may appear innocent and well-intentioned on the surface, they are seldom conducted with your best interests in mind. They’re usually designed and calculated to get you to admit something that could be used against you by getting you to tell them something that could be taken out of context. They could make it sound like you’re saying that you aren’t really hurt or that you caused the accident. You can expect your words to be recorded and come back to haunt you. There’s only one good way to deal with insurance adjusters, and that’s not to deal with them at all. Instead, have your lawyer take their calls. When they can’t speak to the accident victims that we represent, they don’t even have the opportunity to ask our clients things that could be damaging to their cases.

Experienced Defense Attorneys

Moreover, these insurance companies keep aggressive defense lawyers on staff or on retainer and call them into action as soon as a wreck occurs. They begin building a case against you even before you’ve decided whether or not to pursue a claim against them. Because they specialize in insurance defense law, these lawyers know many loopholes in the law that can be used to deny the claims of accident victims who don’t understand the law as well as they do. If you try to file a lawsuit on your own, chances are that these attorneys will be successful in having your claim dismissed on some technicality.

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