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Serious car accidents may involve head trauma, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and long-term disability. Most insurance companies committed to profit for their shareholders employ numerous tactics to reduce or minimize claim settlements and payments. As a result, many car accident injury victims have little choice but to go to court to recover compensation proportional to the actual cost of their injuries.

At our Law Firm, auto accident lawyers can help protect your rights. Call us for a free consultation about your specific situation. We serve clients throughout Texas. If you have suffered a severe injury, we can help you. Our firm has obtained verdicts and settlements of over $20 million for our clients.

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Car Accident Negotiations And Litigation

Our Law Office represents clients injured in accidents such as:
Car crashes
Truck wrecks
Motorcycle collisions
Boat accidents
Motorcycle crashes
Pedestrian knockdowns
Bicycle accidents

Our auto accident lawyers use the latest technology to prepare courtroom models, demonstrations, medical illustrations, computer simulations, and other materials that help illustrate how and why an accident occurred. This meticulous preparation often helps insurance carriers and corporate representatives persuade that it is in their best interests to settle a claim rather than have our robust evidence presented to a jury.

If negotiations are unsuccessful, our board-certified civil trial attorneys are prepared to vigorously represent our client’s interests in court. Not every personal injury attorney is a trial attorney capable of designing and presenting complex auto litigation. This means cases are often referred to a more experienced firm like ours.

Proven Results In Complex Car Accident Litigation

Our firm won a verdict of over $13 million against Alamo Rent-A-Car. The Texas Supreme Court upheld the ruling.
Our law firm represented the families of three British sailors and obtained a verdict of $7.7 million.
Our firm represented a Haitian student permanently injured due to the negligence of an individual driving a rental vehicle, resulting in a jury verdict of $3.2 million.
We represented a husband and father killed in a rear-end automobile collision. Our firm filed suit against the Texas Department of Transportation and others for negligence related to roadway design and inadequate lighting.

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Personal Injury Attorneys

Understand Your Opponent

You, the plaintiff, will be opposed in your accident claim by, obviously, the defendant. That defendant, however, can take many forms. It can be the other driver, the other driver’s insurance provider, a bicyclist, a pedestrian, or anyone else who could have played a role in causing your accident. A seasoned auto accident attorney is very familiar with identifying each and every defendant who may be responsible for the accident that caused your injury.

Of course, we strongly urge you to seek legal help so that you have the best chance possible of getting all the compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, and the medical expenses you have incurred. Whether or not you choose to do so, it is critical that you realize the difference between defendants who are insured and defendants who are uninsured. All motorists in the State of Texas are mandated by law to carry insurance, but we all know very well there are way too many drivers in this state that choose to ignore that law. If the accident that caused your injuries occurred as a result of the actions of an insured motorist, then you will like to face having to deal with insurance company adjusters and other professionals.Personal Injury law

Anyone the insurer sends your way will have one thing in mind – make you the lowest settlement offer possible in order to make your case go away. It’s likely that whatever settlement offer you receive will not come close to compensating you for the medical bills and lost work wages you’ve incurred, not to mention the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. The settlement offer may sound good in the short term, but in the long run, you’ll be seriously short-changed. And if you agree to that offer, any chance you may have of pursuing further legal action will be gone. Should the accident be caused by an uninsured driver, well, the good news is you won’t have to deal with any insurance company operatives. The bad news is that driver probably didn’t have insurance because he or she can’t afford it. It stands to reason, then, that person probably won’t have the resources necessary to provide you with the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Law: Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Law: Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Claiming compensation for both yourself and your motorcycle should go without complications if the accident was not your fault and if you were injured. The compensation can be claimed only if the fault is someone else’s it to be proven in the courts where you might have filed the case. This is where the motorcycle accident lawyers will help greatly. More here @ https://truckaccidentattorneysa.com/motorcycle-accident-lawyers-san-antonio/motorcycle accident attorneys - wrongful death

At the same time, motorcycle accident lawyers will recognize that the compensation for the accident victim is very important. However, these lawyers will have established some protocols and procedures so that the variety of forms of rehab can be accessible vocationally and physically. Since motorcycle injuries can be extremely severe, lawyers will work hard to get the injured party back on to the normal road of recovery as soon as they can.

If the party who is guilty of causing the accidents is identified, the personal injury lawyers will claim the compensation immediately. Expert evidence will play an important role in this type of case, especially in the early investigation. The motorcycle lawyer, in the event of being unable to find the guilty party of the accident, will try to get compensation from the government. This will be needed for such things as medical bills and treatment and of course daily house expenses.
When the other driver or party has driven in a manner that can be perceived as negligence, this is usually where responsibility is established. In some of the cases, the highway authority will be blamed due to the bad condition of the road that leads to the accident.

The motorcycle accident lawyers have established a long record of accomplishment in helping out the victims of all the motorcycle accident claims. These lawyers are experienced in this area and know the things that have to be looked at. They also understand and are aware of the dynamics of motorcycling. More here @ https://lawyers-pi.com/motorcycle-accident-attorney/
The lawyer will form a close relationship with those affected by the motorcycle accident. These things are vital for the motorbike enthusiast and these lawyers know and understand this. For those bikers who have been involved in a motorcycle accident, and have become bedridden, then these lawyers know exactly how to help and to get you back on to the road of normality.

Lawyers who are experienced in this area of law will be able to offer a ‘no win no fee’ service. The main objective of these motorcycle accident lawyers is to allow the victims to get more compensation without any worries. The injuries suffered will be compensated accordingly, and your motorcycle lawyer will ensure this. They will also strive for justice on your behalf. Make sure that you choose the right motorcycle accident lawyer.