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Denver Trucking Accident Attorney

Trucking Accident Injuries
Any victim in a trucking accident in need of compassionate legal help can contact a Denver personal injury lawyer at Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff for dedicated and experienced representation. We are fully aware of the life-altering devastation or even wrongful death that can come to a loved one or victim in such an accident.

Trucking accidents are complex, often involving a number of victims and property damage. Post-crash scenes involving commercial trucks are the subject of extensive investigation by law enforcement officers, insurance adjusters and others. Any claim made by victims is virtually guaranteed to be a big case, whether settled directly or taken into court. The events contributing to the accident may even need to be reconstructed to work out exactly what happened and determine causes for the crash.

Trucking companies have insurance policies with large policy limits as regulated by federal laws. Their insurance carriers have adjusters dedicated to severely limiting payout amounts, with considerable resources and experience to back them up in this regard. It is therefore even more important for a victim of one of these accidents to have an attorney who knows the system, how to do an independent investigation where needed, and how to build the case to its maximum potential to get the recompense you are entitled to.

Common Causes for Trucking Accidents
When a truck causes an accident, it may be due to driving overlong and being tired, a DUI (alcohol blood level .08 or higher) failure to obey traffic laws or bad road conditions. Trucks can also suffer from faulty braking systems, poor maintenance, tire blow-outs or an unbalanced load. Any of these causes violate one or more safety regulations and the responsible trucking company should be held accountable by being required to compensate the accident victims monetarily.

We are dedicated to helping our clients who have suffered as a victim of a trucking accident to receive the financial recovery they deserve. One’s life may never be fully restored, but one can get significant relief from future financial burdens occasioned by a truck accident.