Help after a Dangerous Drug Injury in Pueblo

Help after a Dangerous Drug Injury in Pueblo

With the help of modern medicine, many ills, pains and diseases are lessened or cured through pharmaceutical products. We trust that drug companies, through years of research, development and rigorous FDA examination, will provide safe products to the public. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and you can face catastrophic consequences at the hands of a negligent pharmaceutical company. If you or a loved one has experienced injury due to a defective or dangerous drug, you should protect your rights and find out more about pursuing a lawsuit. Information and help are available by contacting a Denver personal injury lawyer today.

Drug companies, like all free market for-profit endeavors, are most interested in their bottom line. When these companies protect their profits at the expense of consumer safety, they must be held liable for their actions. There are countless dangerous and defective drugs that have been recalled or removed from the market, but only after injuries and deaths have occurred. Some of these defective products include Accutane, Avandia, Fen-phen, Zicam, Vioxx, Yasmin, and many others. All manner of permanent and debilitating physical harm can come to users of a dangerous pharmaceutical product and the drug companies should be responsible for your injuries and medical care.

Denver Dangerous Drug Attorney
The skilled attorneys at Andrus, Hood and Wagstaff are nationally known for their work in defective and dangerous drug cases. We can work diligently with you and examine personal or mass tort legal options for you in recovering compensation and damages for your injuries. Our team understands the trauma you have been through and stands ready to provide the assistance you need.

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