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With each passing decade, our standard of medical care and treatment gains excellence. We trust doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals to provide treatment that meets the accepted standard of practice within their medical field. When, through an act (or inaction) of professional negligence, our physicians do us harm, it can create horrific consequences for the health of you or a loved one. Whether it is our family doctor, neighborhood pharmacist, senior care facility, hospital, surgeon, or dentist, we expect these people and facilities to be properly trained and execute quality care. If you have experienced an injury or lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, it is crucial that you explore protection of your rights and financial interests by contacting a Denver personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Medical malpractice is a broad term and can apply to everything from the negligent behavior of a surgeon in the OR, to prescriptions or dispensing of the wrong drug, to an omission in diagnosis by your primary physician. It can also include abusive or negligent behavior by nursing homes and in-home healthcare professionals. If any medical professional fails to meet their duty of proper care and causes injury or death, then they can be held liable for all manner of bills and expenses surrounding medical costs, emotional trauma, pain, suffering, and lost wages.

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We at Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff are intimately familiar with many areas of personal injury law. Our dedicated team of attorneys will fight to protect your financial future and rights to restitution. We understand the nightmare that you and your family are facing, and can provide caring and personal legal counsel through what is no doubt an extremely difficult time.