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Help after a Dangerous Drug Injury in Pueblo

With the help of modern medicine, many ills, pains and diseases are lessened or cured through pharmaceutical products. We trust that drug companies, through years of research, development and rigorous FDA examination, will provide safe products to the public. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and you can face catastrophic consequences at the hands of a negligent pharmaceutical company. If you or a loved one has experienced injury due to a defective or dangerous drug, you should protect your rights and find out more about pursuing a lawsuit. Information and help are available by contacting a Denver personal injury lawyer today.

Drug companies, like all free market for-profit endeavors, are most interested in their bottom line. When these companies protect their profits at the expense of consumer safety, they must be held liable for their actions. There are countless dangerous and defective drugs that have been recalled or removed from the market, but only after injuries and deaths have occurred. Some of these defective products include Accutane, Avandia, Fen-phen, Zicam, Vioxx, Yasmin, and many others. All manner of permanent and debilitating physical harm can come to users of a dangerous pharmaceutical product and the drug companies should be responsible for your injuries and medical care.

Denver Dangerous Drug Attorney
The skilled attorneys at Andrus, Hood and Wagstaff are nationally known for their work in defective and dangerous drug cases. We can work diligently with you and examine personal or mass tort legal options for you in recovering compensation and damages for your injuries. Our team understands the trauma you have been through and stands ready to provide the assistance you need.

Denver Crestor Injury Attorney

Has your health been damaged by the use of Crestor?
Crestor is a cholesterol-lowering pharmaceutical which was FDA-approved for use by the public in August 2003. This pharmaceutical is called a statin which lowers bad cholesterol in the bloodstream while also helping to raise “good cholesterol,” known as high density lipoprotein (HDL). Since its release, however, Crestor has been shown to possess the potential for serious side effects, which can have long-lasting and even deadly consequences. The FDA has put out an advisory as to the risk of these side effects while public health safety groups have called for its recall and for lawsuits against its manufacturer due to cases of severe injury and even death in Crestor users.

If you or a loved one has suffered health damage or injury due to the use of Crestor, we encourage you to contact a Denver personal injury attorney at Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff as soon as possible to discuss your situation in a free, initial consultation. Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals who have been victimized by dangerous drugs and other forms and instances of negligence. We have 40 years of experience in successfully representing clients throughout the greater Denver area in personal injury claims and lawsuits. We understand the stress and anxiety for both you and your family in situations involving injury and will take every measure to help you recover financial compensation for the damages you have suffered through another’s negligence, whether that party is an individual or a large, corporate entity.

Talk to a Denver Crestor Injury Lawyer
Crestor side effects include muscle damage, kidney failure, heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, myopathy, and cardiomyopathy, in which muscle fibers fail to function. One of the most deadly side effects is rhabdomyolysis, in which skeletal muscles cells die, flooding the bloodstream and causing kidney failure. The medical costs connected with treating such severe conditions can be substantial. Get the professional legal help you need by talking to a Denver Crestor injury attorney at the firm about your situation; we are nationally known and respected for our skilled legal representation in such cases.

Denver Actos Injury Lawyer

Has your health been injured from using Actos?
Actos, a prescription drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes, has been linked with serious side effects and health complications in users. These side effects include a higher risk for congestive heart failure as well as for serious liver problems and bladder cancer. Because of the growing connection between the use of Actos and heart failure, label warnings from the FDA were increased in 2007. Furthermore, a long-term study revealed an increased risk of bladder cancer in Actos users, most especially those who had used it the longest at the highest dosage.

Fight Back with the Help of a Denver Actos Injury Attorney
If you or a loved one has suffered health damage from using Actos, you can fight back, seeking legal recourse with an injury claim or lawsuit. At Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff, we fight hard for the rights and protection of injury victims of all kinds; we are nationally known for our legal work on behalf of those injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. A Denver personal injury lawyer at the firm has the legal knowledge, experience, and skills to fully represent you in seeking financial compensation for the damages connected with your injuries. Such severe injuries as heart and liver problems as well as bladder cancer can result in devastating medical expenses, loss of earning power, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma for which you deserve to be compensated.

Actos and Kidney Failure
Actos has been associated with the risk of rhabdomyolysis, which is a rare medical condition involving the deterioration of muscle fiber cells. Symptoms of this condition include muscle weakness, fatigue, fever, pain, nausea, vomiting, and dark-colored urine. Rhabdomyolysis can result in kidney failure.

Because of the devastating nature of the side effects connected with Actos use, you should not hesitate to seek professional legal help if your health has been affected. We urge you to contact the firm to set up a free consultation with a Denver Actos injury lawyer as soon as possible.