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Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Texas motorcycle accident attorneys are experts in this specialized area of the law. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable on our roadways for a variety of reasons. Texas has one of the lowest ratios of motorcycles to cars. Therefore, drivers are less accustom to looking for them on the road than in other cities. This is especially hazardous because the rider is so exposed and prone to injury if an accident does occur. Unfortunately, these types of collisions can often result in fatalities. We have decades of experience representing clients who have been the victims of these terrible events. Call us today to speak to one of our Texas motorcycle accident attorneys.motorcycle accident attorneys

Texas motorcycle accident attorneys can help guide you through the often complex legal environment. At Texas Personal Injury Accident Attorneys, our primary goal is protecting our client’s rights. We will meet with you personally, free of charge, to evaluate your case and decide the best course of action moving forward. Because our roadways have become so congested over the past few years, accidents of all types have increased dramatically. From the years 2003 to 2004, fatalities of Texas’s roadways increased over a hundred percent. We urge anyone who has been injured, or has property damaged in a collision to seek legal representation. Call to speak to one of our Texas motorcycle accident attorneys.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Protect your Rights

Texas motorcycle accident attorneys protect your legal rights. According to statistics, collisions with other motorists account for over sixty percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents. A quarter of fatal cases are the result of a collision with a fixed object. Even though Texas does require helmets for riding, a significant number of fatal cases are because the person was not wearing the helmet. Over the years, fatal motorcycle accidents have steadily increased, leading to concern among riders. A motorcycle rider is four times more likely to be killed in a collision than a person in a car. We are highly experienced representing these types of cases, and getting results for our clients. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Texas motorcycle accident attorneys.

Highly Experienced Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Texas motorcycle accident attorneys fight for you after you have been injured. Over the years, with the growing population in the valley, there are more and more motorcycle riders on our roadways. This will inevitably lead to more collisions, more injuries, and sadly, more fatalities. There was a failed provision that went before the Texas state legislature that would have repealed our helmet laws. After expert testimony convinced the congress people that helmet usage dramatically reduced the chances of serious injury or death, the bill was voted down. We are the local leaders handling these types of cases. Call to speak to one of our Texas motorcycle accident attorneys. More information on this website

Car Accident Lawyers – Auto Crash Attorney

Car Accident Lawyers – Auto Crash Attorney

Crunch. The sound is unmistakable. It turns your stomach in the same way it fires the pain sensors in your body. And while sometimes a broken or fractured bone remains relatively unseen from the skin’s surface, other times it’s not so pretty. The jagged edges of broken bones can often puncture the skin. Horrifying as they are, broken and fractured bones are a common result of car accidents.personal injury lawyersMore information can be found on this website

Bones are no Joke
Because the impact that causes the break or fracture is more significant than a simple slip and fall, the damage to your body is usually more difficult to treat. They can often require surgery, and may involve serious crush injuries or multiple fractures requiring reconstructive surgery or the implementation of metal hardware to secure bones. These procedures are usually followed by extended physical therapy.

Get legal help now
Do not leave your broken bone or fracture injury solely in the hands of insurance companies. The long period of physical therapy, complexity of the surgery, pain and suffering and any permanent loss of mobility usually cause insurance companies to go to great lengths to minimize the compensation they pay out.

With the help of a seasoned attorney, many broken bone and fracture cases can be resolved in a positive manner. A seasoned auto accident attorney can often get you the policy, or policies needed to cover all of your medical bills. He or she may also be able to allow you to collect additional money from the insurer beyond your medical expenses. This is accomplished most easily when you contact the attorney immediately following the crash injury law

How much is my claim worth?
It is impossible to set one value. However, serious broken bone injuries such as broken legs, pelvis, or skull fractures can results in awards or settlements that can be very substantial. Minor fractures such as hand, arm, rib, collar bone injuries can also result in significant monetary awards.

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your bone injury. We will be able to give you an estimate as to how much your case is worth.

Types of Breaks

Legs: Broken legs are frequently caused by the leg crashing into steering column, dashboard or other hard structure of the car. Upon sustaining this injury, you cannot walk and may not be able to work or function in your daily routine activities.
Hands or Wrists: Like the leg, the wrist is critical for most day to day activities. Your compensation will depend on what your dominant hand is and how negatively your range of motion has been impacted.
Arms: This injury can be sustained by the arm slamming into the steering wheel, dashboard, or perhaps even through a window or windshield. You will be compensated depending on the severity of the break and the limitations the injury imposes on your daily routine.
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Types of fractures:
Compound Fracture: Compound fractures occur when the bone breaks through the skin.
Avulsion Fracture: An avulsion fracture occurs when a tendon that attaches a muscle to a bone pulls a piece of the bone apart.
Simple Fracture: This injury consists of regular broken bones that are cracked and separate inside the skin.
Comminuted Fracture: In this case, the bone breaks into many small pieces or fragments.
Buckle Fracture: The bone buckles and ruptures in this fracture.
Greenstick Fracture: These injuries are small cracks within the bone, not complete fractures.
Hairline Fractures: Hairline fractures are small fault lines in the bone
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