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Millions of hard working people give their best each and every day at their workplace. We expect a fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work. Unfortunately, some employers choose to unjustly withhold proper wages and benefits from their employees for various reasons and through various illegal and reprehensible means. If you or someone you know is owed unpaid wages or has been prevented from receiving proper wages or overtime pay, contact a Denver personal injury attorney for more information on how to proceed with a case for damages.

Various state and federal labor laws are on the books to protect workers from unfair wage and hours treatment. One of the most common behaviors of an employer that is detrimental to fair wage earning is the misclassification of an employee. Employers often times will misclassify an hourly employee as a salary-paid (exempt) employee to avoid paying fair overtime wages. Businesses may also engage in deceptive timekeeping practices or refuse to provide legally mandated meal breaks or meet minimum wage laws. Other illegal activities that an employer may participate in to cheat its workers include:

  • Incorrect or improper deductions from a paycheck
  • Failure to pay commissions
  • Neglecting to pay for earned vacation time
  • Failure to pay salaries or hourly earned wages on time or in full
  • Owing wages or money to an employee upon termination

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You work hard for your employer and you expect to be treated fairly when payday arrives. Cheating employees out of earned pay and other opportunities is illegal and these lawbreakers should be brought to justice. We at Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff are dedicated to fighting diligently for worker’s rights and providing exemplary legal counsel to wronged employees. Our outstanding track record in personal injury cases of all types speaks for itself.