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Consequences of Driving Under the Influence
Traffic law holds that an alcohol blood level of 0.08% or higher constitutes being over the legal limit and intoxicated. It is commonly known that drunk drivers cause accidents due to being disoriented and are in fact a common cause of serious car accidents. However, those driving under the influence are the last to consider the devastation they can cause. Innocent people become victims of drunk drivers all over the country and suffer every imaginable injury from minor scrapes to wrongful death. Because a drunk driver is less alert than a sober driver, they are usually not trying to slow down or avoid a wreck, so there is often great damage and injury. If you or any loved one has been a victim of such an accident, you should retain a Denver personal injury attorney from the offices of Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff for help in investigating your case to determine all possible recompense which may rightfully be yours.

By pursuing a lawsuit against those responsible, you can also contribute to raising awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and thus help with the effort to make safer roads for everyone. Saving even one life through drunk driving awareness is a great benefit.

Obtaining a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Fort Collins
The key benefits to be had from hiring legal representation for a drunk driving injury case are:

Having a lawyer on your side gives you someone with extensive experience on whatever may come up in the claims process.
You stand a far greater chance of not inadvertently giving up any rights in the process of dealing with your insurance, the drunk drivers insurance company or any other individual or entity involved in the legal process.
Any insurance company attempt to limit or outright short-change rightful compensation can be addressed by a competent attorney acting on your behalf.
There is no way to estimate what your case may be worth until all details are known and any needed independent investigation is complete, but we are very interested in working with you and aggressively defending your right to the fullest. We accept cases all over the Denver area, Boulder, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.