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Throughout the history of the free market there have always been cases of defective products, dangerous drugs and manufacturing defects that have led to the unfortunate injury to or death of many people. Sadly, it can be incredibly difficult for one plaintiff to fight the legal counsel wielded by large corporations and entities due to the enormous amounts of money and resources available to them. In our increasingly interconnected society, we can easily share stories of being injured by a defective product and can mount group litigation against these negligent corporations. If you have been injured due to a defective product or dangerous drug, you may be able to join with others as a party to a lawsuit seeking financial damages by filing a mass tort. More information and guidance is available by contacting a Denver personal injury lawyer.

A “tort,” from the French word meaning “wrong,” is simply a civil wrongdoing that involves some sort of breach of duty owed to someone. Civil law is thus sometimes referred to as tort law. When many plaintiffs face repercussions and injuries due to the same defective product or act of negligence, it is most likely in their best interest to take part in a mass tort litigation to increase their legal power and ability to fight monstrously large corporations and businesses. Mass tort lawsuits can involve up to thousands of individual clients who are seeking compensation for their injuries.

Looking to file a mass tort after an injury?
Mass tort litigation can be quite complex and difficult, so finding an excellent legal team to represent such cases is crucial. The experienced team at Andrus, Hood & Wagstaff is known for its prowess in mass tort lawsuits across the nation. Our attorneys have served as lead counsel in litigation against big drug companies and stand ready to put their substantial skills to work in your case for damages.